Monday, 22 April 2013

Foy Water Feature

 So I am a little ahead of this stage currently but I thought I would make a post to catch all the readers up with the video log of the Foy Project.  If you have been following the project to date you know that I pre laid out all the tiles by drawing the features on each of the tiles. Shown below is one of the tiles - this one is part of the water feature.  A disclaimer - I changed the water feature slightly since this image was taken, however all the information below still applies to the process.

The tile is the first step.  After that it was time to plan the overlay to go into the foam.  For this I used parchment paper - wax paper or tracing paper would also work.  I used some railway track pins to pin the paper.  You will also noticed I darkened the river - this was more for the purpose of the blog to highlight the area I was taking about. 

Once the area (water only) was traced from the tile I then cut and transferred the parchment paper to the foam.  Pins or nails are used to hold in place. 

Its important that you leave the outermost line as your top level and bank in from there. I used a knife to cut through the paper.   You can achieve the same result simply by retracing the outline and pressing hard on the pencil or pen.

Once I had the rough shape (literally) I cut away the excess materials.  I used a series of "V" shaped cuts to work down to a depth - halfway into the foam.  You really don't have to be too careful at this point as you can later use sandpaper to smooth the bottom.  In a later stage you will see way this doesn't need to be perfect.

The final process for this particular phase is to paint the bottom white.  This does two things, 1st: it helps to seal the loosened foam, 2nd: it helps to hide the yellow foam below the water surface.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Flames of War - "Foy Project" - Part Two

Watch part two of the "Foy Project" series.  This is a commission project for Flames of War 15mm wargame.  Table size is 6x4.  Base tiles are provided by Back-2-Base-ix. 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Flames of War - Foy Project Update

Video update detailing the current progress on the Foy Wargaming Table project, as well as highlighting the tile system I am using for this project (Tiles provided by Back2Base-ix).


Foy Table Project Update - Flames of War

Friday, 5 April 2013

Studio Update - Apr.5th, 2013

Just putting up a link to the army list I am thinking of running this year at the ETC in Serbia.

Army List: KG Peiper
Source: Devils Charge
Points: 1780 PTS
Type: Tank

HQ: 1 KT
P1: 1 KT
P2: 4 Panzers
P3: 4 Panzers
P4: 3 Ostwinds
P5: 6 Cannons
P6: 3 234/1's (recce)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Flames of War - Project Foy - Planning Stages

Today, April 04, 2013 marks the beginning of yet another Flames of War project.  This project has been in the planning stages for some time and the customer has been more then patient with me as I was finishing up another project (yet to be revealed).  However, enough is enough and its time to get down to the brass tacs.  I will state up front that I have not done a snow table to speak of so this will have a steep learning curve, mistakes will be made and lessons will be learned.  You all might as well follow along as I fumble through the project.  That being said I am quite excited by this project and have had the better part of 5 months to think about it and gather materials.  A lot of people have asked me how I plan and where I get ideas for the tables.  I usually look no further then mother nature, she is a pretty good source of inspiration and because I live in the North I have a good sense of what snow looks like.  In the north we have only two seasons, winter and still winter.  In addition to nature I like to use the maps available on the close combat series website.  They have a ton of pics and the images are converted into graphical portrayals of the geographic locations and from those I convert them more easily into table layouts.  Keep following and please comment - love to read your posts.



This is the Close Combat Series map of Foy - I have estimated the sizes of the tiles and laid over my approximation for the gaming tiles.  The board itself will be a standard 6x4 layout, built with 12"x12" tiles (24 in total). 

Work first began with the assembly of the Back2Base-ix tiles.  These tiles are my main source for all table foundations.  The construction is easy and with the ability to magnetize the tiles the build is seamless (or just about). 

The first stack of completed tiles - note the use of painters tape to secure the seams.  I recommend you leave these at least 6-12 hours to dry before moving ahead with the next stages.

First of many tiles to come - this stage takes a while but laying it all out ahead of time allows you to plan more effectively - and on the plus side mistakes are merely an eraser away from being fixed.  This drawing helps me to visualize the layout and make changes as I go - the image is a guideline but subtle changes are made.

Likewise, the drawing is also not the be all end all - when the physical build occurs there will be other changes that will occur as things "look better here then there" and thus further changes can be made quite easily.  These drawings are merely a guide.  The drawings also help customer(s) (current, and future) to see what the project might look like.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bolt Action - Prep Work

Today I cracked into my Bolt Action box set a little more.  I started first by getting all the tools I needed laid out and ready - having the tools at arms reach really speeds things up.  I wasn't happy with just gluing the figs straight to the base so I decided to pin the figs.  This proved to be a little more work then I thought, however the end result I was happy with and I think it will really help in the end as I plan to do the bases and then attach the figs.  I had a chance to finish up the first ten figs for unit one, and then a HQ figure.  Next I moved onto the Pak40 and crew, they are just drying after giving them a soap water bath.  That will finish the work for tonight.  Stay tuned.  Now its off to start making tiles.


Here are the models all ready to rock and roll for the next stage.  Let the priming begin.

Tools are ready and waiting - know to google what each of them do.

Parts of the Pak40, I bore out the barrel tips, shells, and muzzle ports.

Pinned solider with arrow to help me know which way Germans are supposed to face.

Pin holes and the pins in each of the soliders feet, added support and allows for relocation after I finish the base work - I hope!

Monday, 1 April 2013

TheTerrainStudio 2.0 - Re-Launch

I have been away but not gone.  If your still here following me or new to the blog Welcome (or Welcome Back!).  TheTerrainStudio is up and running full steam ahead. I am just coming off a huge project and about to dive into another one, its a great time to follow the studio news.  For the re-launch I will have some giveaways, and some exciting news as well.  Too much to mention now.  I am excited to be back and look forward to sharing all the exciting builds with you all.  I leave you guys with pics of the new place.