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2011 US Masters Player Profile

2011 US Masters Player Profile: Shawn Morris

Flames Of War Logo 2011 US Masters Player Profiles:
Shawn Morris

In series of articles, we will be profiling the players who took part in the 2011 US Masters held in Philadelphia.

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Player Profile
Name: Shawn Morris.
Hometown: Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada.
Current city and state: Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan, Canada.

College or University: Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology, Minor in Anthropology, Minor in Chemistry.
Bachelor of Education, Major in Elementary/Middle School.
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Historical Period: World War II history without a doubt. Unless you count prehistoric history – in that case the Jurassic period. Love me some dinosaurs.Army Lists
Shawn's 1000 point Panzer Lehr...
Shawn's 1250 point Panzer Lehr...
Shawn's 1450 point Panzer Lehr...
Shawn's 1650 point Panzer Lehr...
Shawn's 1850 point Panzer Lehr...
Shawn's 2000 point Panzer Lehr...
Shawn Morris
Canadian Rankings HQ Statistics (as of 22/12/11)
Rank ID Number Points Movement Tournaments
1. 100630 299.0000 0 6
Tournament Results For the Last 12 Months
Tournament Name Location Number of Players Nation Placing Points Earnt
Flames Of War Masters United States 22 German 12 41.00
Dragons Den - 1500 LW Flames of War Event Canada 12 German 1 73.00
Flames of War - EW 600 Shoutout Event Canada 7 German 1 68.00
Dragons Den - 1000 point Late War - Nationals Qual Canada 14 Soviet 1 74.00
Skirmish 2011 Canada 14 German 3 63.43
Historicon Thursday I95 Open Tourney United States 36 German 12 66.67
Early War Nationals @ Historicon United States 55 German 12 80.00
FOW - Late War Doubles Canada 15 German 1 75.00
Flames of War - Nationals Qualifier - Dragons Den Canada 17 German 1 77.00
Player Interview
Battlefront: What is your favorite Flames Of War army to play?
Shawn Morris: My favorite Flames of War army to play are really anything German. I typically play the SS list with a primary focus on the infantry themed lists.
BF: Why?
SM: I really have always had an interest in the German army. I lived there as a kid and have been hooked on the German army history ever since. I do a lot of reading about the infantry and panzer tactics and I really like how you can (in some instances) use similar tactics in the game. I get a lot more out of the army and the game in general I find when I relate what I do to what I have read.
Below: Shawn's Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadierkompanie at the US Masters.
Shawn's Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadierkompanie at the US Masters
BF: What is your favorite Flames Of War time period?
Late-war, however as on late I am being swayed in the direction of early war. Really any Flames of War are interesting to me.
BF: Why?
I am not sure why I am drawn to late war so much, perhaps it is because I read the most about that period. I am not really a fan of the huge toys or really of tanks all that much. I am really more of an infantry player and that remains pretty consistent throughout the periods. I think it is more of case of me playing a period I got started with and what is popular in my area. Like I said, the Flames of War game I am most interested in….is the one I am playing at the time.
BF: What is your favorite World War II battle or operation? Why?
I have a real interest in the landings and immediate battles that took place off the beach. Hermanville is a place that was on real interest to me when I first got in the game so it holds a key place in my historical memory. It was also the subject of one of my earliest terrain pieces so it has significance on a more personal level as well.
BF: What is your favorite part of the hobby? (Painting, playing, historical research, collecting, assembling, etc.)
This should come as no surprise. My favorite aspect of the hobby is the terrain building that goes along with the game….shocker. I first got into the game through terrain making and I will continue to grow with the game as a terrain maker. Enhancing the game from a visual perspective has always been paramount to my gaming. If things look cool, or realistic then my level of enjoyment goes up tenfold. That not to say I cannot enjoy a game on a table with phone books and pop cans for terrain but it leaves me wanting in the end. I love the game and anything I can do to help others and I enjoy it just slightly more I will do it. For me that comes through terrain making.
BF: Why do you attend tournaments?
SM: For me I attend to simple get a game in. I live in a remote location in Northern Canada so for me to get a game in I have a 4 hour flight. I make the flight at least every other month for a tournament. I spend a lot of time and money to make events. I do it all for the enjoyment of the game and the interaction with other gamers. It takes a lot of dedication for me to make as many events as I do but I would not change my habits for anything. I have recently begun hitting events across the country and even down in the US. I figure if I got to fly anyway I might as well make a great trip out of it and get some gaming in. I really enjoy the social aspect of the game as well and getting to interact and chat with others about the game gives me insight into the hobby. Of course a big interest for me is hearing what others think of terrain and getting their opinions about what works well and what they would like to see changed. A lot these things come out in game play so it really allows for the information sharing to take place in a relevant situation – something often lost on the internet and forums.
Shawn's Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadierkompanie at the US Masters
BF: Your tournament mantra?
SM: Typically I preface every game with a simple explanation: “I am Canadian – Ah!” then people tend to take it easier on me. So far it has worked.
BF: What is your favorite type of tournament? (Points, theme, time period, style, etc.)
SM: I have only played in points based tournaments to this point so I will have to say…points based. Although I did like the doubles format, so that was fun as well and something I would like to play more of.
BF: What are some of the most competitive armies to play?
SM: I think anything with lots of tanks. I’m primarily an infantry player it is always a really hard fought game when you run into a tank horde. I think that there is lot of really competitive mechanized forces as well. Armored rifles come to mind and on the axis side I am particularly keen on the Panzer Lehr – both the mechanized infantry and the Reconnaissance Squadrons.
BF: What is your favorite platoon type?
SM: Infantry platoons are certainly my favorite type; I really enjoy the pioneer platoons.
Shawn's Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadierkompanie at the US Masters
BF: What are you general tactics that you use almost every game?
SM: I think offensively through a good defense.
BF: What army are you bringing to the Masters?
To be completely honest (at the time of writing this) I have no idea. I do know it will be an infantry based forced with heavy tank support and a sprinkling of smoking and reconnaissance units. However, as to which army in particular I am not certain. I have a strong feeling towards taken a pioneer army however, Lehr has a special place in my game and I could lean towards them in the end.
BF: Why?
SM: Why? Why not? Germans have always provided me with great success in the past and they are a blast to field win or lose. I feel comfortable with the stats and I know the limitations of the units. Germans have a certain flex to the armies that allows you to switch up tactics mid game and I really like that. I find I am never wanting with the German lists and for that reason they are my go to nation.
BF: What mission are you dreading the most?
For me its Hasty Assault simply because I have no played the mission at all. And/or attacking in Cauldron.
Shawn at the gaming tables
BF: What mission do you excel at the most?
My favorites are Hold The Line and Fighting Withdraw. I would not say I excel at them but they are the most enjoyable and allow me to play my style of game the best.
BF: What points level do you like and dislike based on your army selection? And why?
Despite not having my list nailed down just yet I am noticing that the lower levels are providing me with the greatest amount of difficulty. I believe that most German lists are going to struggle at the lower limits mainly due to cost of the units in the German lists. Germans tend to be a little heftier when it comes to point costs and certainly at the lower levels your points are hard to come by so you must ensure they are well spent. I do not think the Germans are overpriced; it is more of a matter of other armies getting cheaper options. I think the Germans begin to balance towards the mid to upper point levels.

Right: Shawn at the gaming tables.
BF: Is there a particular points and mission combo that you are really looking forward to seeing?
As the points near the mid ranges 1450, 1650 I think the lists I choose will be at peak performance particularly in a defensive mission in which I can defend from prepared positions.
BF: How do you think you will perform?
SM: I hate to make predications so I will just say this; “I predict I will have a great time.”

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