Saturday, 24 December 2011

2012 - The year of the Hungarians

I figured after having what I considered to be a successful Flames of War tournament year (7 wins, Best Opponent Award (Nationals), and a invite to Masters) I figured it would be an appropriate time to switch gears and try something new. After attending the masters and seeing Phillip Messier's Hungarian army I knew it would be a nice fit for me and my playing style.  If you know me, you know I play Germans exclusively.  The Hungarians although they can take German army elements are for all intensive purposes a new army to me.  This will be the first time I am running a Confident Trained army, and really the first time I will be using artillery that is not nebelwerfers (man I love those).  So the new year brings a new tournament season and for me a whole new learning curve, couple that with V3 release and its like I will be learning the game all over again (but not really).  I welcome the challenge and the new Hungarian lists that I will no doubt spend way to much time building and changing.  See below the first of many lists.

This is what the list looks like at 1575 LW

Rated: Confident Trained (unless noted)

HQ: CC and 2iC (Rifle teams)
P1: Onkentes Puskas Platoon (CMD, 9 Rifle Stands)
P2: Onkentes Puskas Platoon (CMD, 9 Rifle Stands)
P3: Onkentes Puskas Machine-Gun Platoon (CMD, 3 HMG's)
P4: Pioneer Platoon (CMD, 9 Rifle/MG stands, up to 2 Flame Throwers)
P5: Heavy Anti-Aircraft Platoon (CMD, 2 8.8cm Flak47's w/extra crew)
P6: Artillery Battery (CMD, Staff, Observer, 4 149mm 12/31M)
P7: Feldherrnhalle Panzer Platoon (3 Panzer IV/70 (V)) - Confident Veteran
P8: Rohamagyus Platoon (3 Hetzers)

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