Thursday, 22 December 2011

V3 - V2 - V3 - V2.....oh no the sky is falling!

Within hours of the announcement people all over the Internet are frantically posting their own thoughts and opinions about how Version 3 will change the game of Flames of War. I figured I would just write a small post expressing my thoughts even though its not terrain related. Please bare with me.

Personally, I am very excited about the release announcement of V3 (actually I can hardly wait) even more so because they are giving it out free to those that own the V2 hardback rule book. To be honest, I would pay for the book (happily) even if it wasn't free. You seldom hear me complain about anything BF does, even the prices I think for the most part I feel are really reasonable. Does this make me a fanboy, sure, if that's what you want to call it.

About V3. I think the game will be improved immensely through the introduction of the Version 3 rules. If you need evidence, look no further then the More Again Lessons From the Front posts on the FOW forums. I have always believed that if the rule clarifications are longer than the rulebook, you have an issue (or at least a point of concern). I don't know for sure but I feel Battlefront recongized that there was a need to fix things. I think the rules as written are fine, I would love to see changes to some things but I am OK with them. I am interested in V3 not for the rule changes on a whole, but more for the rule clarity. John Paul made a very interesting statement in the video he posted, he commented that the book would be full of diagrams. This is a much needed addition as I feel they leave less room for personal interpretations and do a better job of illustrating the intent of the rule.

Will Version 3 change the game? I think that there will be a learning curve to the new rule set, but I refuse to beleive the game we all love will be a completely "NEW" game. My thoughts behind V3 is that it was created to streamline the game, meant to improve the game play and help players enjoy the game with an improved sense of realism. I think we as players need to give the game a chance and reserve judgment. I read the forums, and I see a lot of people asking for changes, improvement, and clarifications. Guess what.....we just got it..(coming in February).



  1. ya I agree, It won't be a completely new game, just fixes.

    I already know they fixed one of my pet peeves. Slow traverse and Limited vision measuring from the hull and not the turret.

    It now goes from the turret.

    The biggest thing will be if they fix up their New Zealand Engrish. "Another" should mean "Another"

    Then maybe there will be less need for the Rules Nazi and more time for playing.

  2. Shawn - Couldn't agree more. I get a kick out of people complaining about the rules and when they get new rules, then they go ape s#@t over the change - and they don't even know the details as of yet. Wow.

    I am personally very impressed with the recent books, so I will give BF the benefit of the doubt on their upcoming efforts.

    BTW - you and Kage are always welcome to trek down to the warmer weather of Wisconsin for a few games!!

    Good to see you are back to blogging. Even better to see your recent amazing work.