Tuesday, 27 December 2011

WIP...Update...Recap...Whatever you call it.

If you have followed me on twitter this week you will know that I have been posting about my toils with terrain (shawnmorris@theterrainguy).  The week has been up and down with progress.   I have had days where I worked all day and accomplished very little and then I have had days like today where I work all day and cap it off with finishing touches on a lot of little (and huge) projects.  Below are some images from the current project I am working on for a customer.  As per usual its a Flames of War (FOW) wargaming table.  This project is 6x5 (non-standard) that features a cliff overlooking the beach and water ways (not completed).  There are several other areas of interest on the board.  The focus on the past few days has been on the small apple orchard. However, the bulk and I mean bulk of the time has been spent pain staking on the cliff - each rock was cast and placed by hand to achieve just the right look.  I was pleased with the end result and I like it adds a lot to the project.  Previously I have decided to go with a precast foil - although it was actually more a plastic.  In the end I thought that the plastic left something to be desired and had a "fake" look about it.  What would have taken 10 min with the plastic took instead 26 hours.   Was it worth it?  You decide.  Enjoy the pics and please feel free to comment, I enjoy reading and responding.  More updates to follow, now that I have items worth photographing.

 (Above) An overview of the cliff - not pictured is the beach front.

(Below) A view of the outside board edge.  This is merely meant to give the board a finished look and complete the cliff face.

(Above) A close up look at one of the unfinished rock shelves.  This will later be home to a few trees.

(Below)  A dead end to the road. I had a road with no clear ending, so I decided to block it with a cliff.

(Above) Here is a beach view (minus the beach) looking up at the commanding Pak bunker.

(Below) An overhead shot of the nearly complete orchard - missing at the dropped apples.

(Above) A pathway shot of the through the orchard.

(Below) A view of the backside of the farm area.  Crop rows - but somethings missing?

 (Above)  Another angle from the backside of the farm

(Below) The winding pathways leading around the farm

(Above) The unfinished bocage sections - still needs ink and foliage.  Bridge is out!

(Below) WIP shots of the tiles - not in order just yet.

(Below) A view from the front of the orchard/farm area.  Details around buildings still incomplete.

 (Above) Just some of the supplies in use. Too numerous to list - but look for upcoming product spotlights


  1. Looking awesome Shawn, that will be one great looking table when it's done.


  2. Absolutely awesome Shawn!! I love the cliff face! And totally dig the apple orchard!

  3. Taking the time over the cliff face was more than worth it. I enjoy looking at your work, the sense of realism really lifts it to the next level, can't wait to see more of this project.

  4. Looks Great Shawn! Cliffs look amazing, and I really like the tracks through the orchard. I notice 1 item missing from your equipment: Tea!