Sunday, 1 January 2012

Whats the Vintage on those grapes.....2012?

First lets start with a Happy New Years to everyone.  Lets have a great 2012.  Now that the greetings are out of the way lets talk about why your all here.  Below you can see the next section of the board I have been working on, yeah I have worked my entire holiday off from school.  I love it though so its as much play as it is work.  The section below is not finished I still have some work of do on a few small things. In the upper most section of the picture you can see the farm.  Basically I am working my way around the board.  Leaving the centre town as the final major feature.

 (Below) you can see the from of the workshop.  I decided to do a wall in area with a concrete type paddock - here I though I would put some industrial supplies (barrels, pallets, timber).

In this picture below you can see the vineyard I designed.  These are spaced wide enough for minis between the rows, but also each section is removable so you have the added room for larger style bases, again each feature is designed with game play in mind, first and foremost.  What do you think of the bases - colouration?

 The next three photos illustrate more of the paddock next to the workshop.  The highlights are the added gates, the box hedges, and the paint work it self.

As you can see below I added in some taller grass sections.  Now the issue I have with grass mats is the seams where they join and the additional board edge seems tend to be overwhelming at the best of times.  My solution - tank and truck tracks.  Not only are the tracks in the seams there is additional tracks to draw the eye in all directions and once again away from the board seams.

These two pics are meant to cover something I started to talk about the other day (in my blog).  The wooded section here is near complete - small area in the gap still to finish.  The trees are based and magnetized - in addition the bocage along the road edge in complete.  Bridge is installed, however like all the buildings on the board its 100% removable.

Finally, just an overview of progress to this point. I would ballpark the board at 47.657% complete.  As mentioned the town is a major area to tackle (orange sections). The beach is needing some TLC and then its the details. I suspect that details will take me about 1 week total.  I am shooting to be done by end of Jan.  So you know what that means.  Time for another one?

Lets see some comments, good bad or otherwise.



  1. Fence wall furthest from the house doesn't line up properly, you can see the gap. Other than that this board looks great man.

    I love the tracks in the fresh crop. And the wooded ground looks amazing, gonna have to get a tutorial on that some day.

  2. Wonderful stuff!!! The tracks look great and give a realistic 'used' look I quite like.

  3. Shawn - That is beautiful work. Using wheel tracks to hide the seams is genius. Well done!

    Each year around Christmas I always get the urge to paint up a FoW Early Germans and create some scenery. Your great boards have pushed me over the edge. I have purchased a few units and as I prepared to get going on some boards, I hit a wall: where do you purchase your 3/8" MDF? Every place I have looked (Lowes & Home Depot) either have 1/4 or 1/2 inch. Am I missing something?

    Thanks again for your inspirational images and quality work!

  4. Hey Jeff,
    Happy to inspire. Thats why I post this stuff to help others and to get them into the game. I find it strange they con't carry the size. Perhaps ask them if they can order it. The 3/8" is ideal - I have a suggestion. IF your not moving the table a lot you can do 1/2" and might consider 2x2 tiles as you have a lot less seams to deal with.

  5. Shawn - Thanks for the tip. I'll ask around and see if someone can special order it. Unfortunately, I'll be moving the table from its storage bin to a remote game table, so I think that 3/8 would be best. It is interesting that you mentioned 2x2' tiles. I had pondered the idea of 1.5x1.5' tiles to ease storage concerns (fewer tiles, less bumping/stacking issues?).

    Your blog (and videos) are inspiring. I have a blog as well where I try to inspire others and give back to the community. Even though I would consider myself an skilled 28mm painter, I have recently been focusing on ideas in my blog for someone who is just starting out... to give a new painter confidence that they can get good results if they follow some simple steps:

    Some of my better painting:

    So thanks again for making yourself available to me to answer my questions. Even though I am familiar with Scenic Express and Silfor products due to dabbling in O Gauge railroading, I am sure that I will have more questions for you in the future. - Jeff

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  7. Beautiful work. Ive ordered some total battle buildings from Maelstrom games myself, and some Silflor stuff too. They look magic!

  8. Hello Shawn,
    I love your work but I have a question about the grass. In one of your tutorials you said that you use grass mat as a base and build it up from there. I never could find the tutorial in wich you explain the build up. Can you explain it or tell me where I can find the tutorial.


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    Keep Posting:)