Sunday, 5 February 2012

Readying the Beach!

Here is the very early WIP of the beach, well most of it..and I snuck a fountain photo too.  I know its not the colour of water but at gaming height I wanted the illusion to be there.


  1. Looking great! Where do you source your buildings from?

  2. The buildings are from a great company called Total Battle Miniatures. Now the roofs stay on, but with the design I have and how I intergrate them into the boards and tiles I find them better to be hollow then having the roofs come off. To be honest, now that I have them I rather then the roofs don't come off.

  3. This might be a basic question, but what have you used for the stone pavement in the village?

    Also great work on the beach, I'm thinking of doing a beach section for the beach assault mission soon and I think I'll use this as the core of my idea.

    Great Work Ben