Saturday, 31 March 2012

Germans v. Russians....the Saga continues...

Here are the next three videos in the multi-part tutorial/mock rep.  Enjoy and comments please if your interested in this type of video, lets me know I am on the right track.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Its all about the scenery.....

Here is the very fun video series I filmed just prior to sending off the board to my good buddy.  I really hope you enjoy watching the vids.  There are many parts so I figured maybe posting 3 parts each day will be fitting and keep you on the edge of your virtual seats....of course you can watch more if you choose.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Russians on the block....and SOLD!

Good bye ole'friends, you are off to a good home.  You will be missed.  I understand there is a nice table built by theterrainguy where you are going.  Good luck and safe travels.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Today's TO DO list.....check!

Knocked out a metric shit ton of odd n'ends plus fixes today.

Deadline has me frantic.

1. Beach - adjusted the gap add sand to edges to fill the gap to managable level.  Non-visable at model level. 
2. Completed sand in all areas including running up the edge of the newly build hill and far end of the table.  Opposite the cliff face, this is the transition area between woods and sand.  Using pine trees here to extend the section previously done on the river edge.
3. Blacked out the house bases and vineyard bases.
4. smoothed the vines edges to allow slightly better fit.  Exposed some brown around edges to clearly define linear edge.
5. Soaked about 8 more feet of bocage to harden, about 2.5 feet left - time about 2.5 hours.
6. Filled in the gap in between bocage section
7. Test fitted board - looks great
8. Painted some tree washers - had an idea that perhaps having the trees besides the pines on washers would be good as you could move wooded sections and linear lines of trees around for more diversity.
9. Laid ground work around barn - last building yet to be worked
10. Did ground paste for entire hill
11. Inked ground work and laid rock to accept broken ground flock for pines.
12. put in final small rocky outcrop to boarder river.

Thats about it for today.

Shawn Morris