Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bolt Action - Prep Work

Today I cracked into my Bolt Action box set a little more.  I started first by getting all the tools I needed laid out and ready - having the tools at arms reach really speeds things up.  I wasn't happy with just gluing the figs straight to the base so I decided to pin the figs.  This proved to be a little more work then I thought, however the end result I was happy with and I think it will really help in the end as I plan to do the bases and then attach the figs.  I had a chance to finish up the first ten figs for unit one, and then a HQ figure.  Next I moved onto the Pak40 and crew, they are just drying after giving them a soap water bath.  That will finish the work for tonight.  Stay tuned.  Now its off to start making tiles.


Here are the models all ready to rock and roll for the next stage.  Let the priming begin.

Tools are ready and waiting - know to google what each of them do.

Parts of the Pak40, I bore out the barrel tips, shells, and muzzle ports.

Pinned solider with arrow to help me know which way Germans are supposed to face.

Pin holes and the pins in each of the soliders feet, added support and allows for relocation after I finish the base work - I hope!

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